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Giant bilobed facial flap for cheek reconstruction

DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/F8MZ4

González Covarrubias A, Pineda Tapia IP, Becerril Hernandez JD, Orea Estudillo D, Rondríguez Pérez MT. Giant bilobed facial flap for cheek reconstruction. Am J Med Surg. 2021; 5(3). 1-4.


Given the rise in incidence of cutaneous malignant neoplasms of the head and neck, the repair of facial defects via local cutaneous flaps is an important component of a facial plastic surgeon’s repertoire.

Defects in head and neck after tumor resection often provide significant functional and cosmetic deformity. The challenge for reconstruction is not only the aesthetic result, but the functional repair.

A 68-year-old female patient was referred with an ulcerated erythematous exophytic mass on the cheek, which compromised the infraorbital region, as well as the zygomatic region, which presented progressive growth during the last 5 years, on examination, a 5 x 4 cm mass of stone characteristics on palpation, suggestive of squamous cell cancer.

She is evaluated by the surgical oncology service, a candidate for wide resection and reconstruction with a bilobed flap.

Patient with resection with free edges, in definitive histopathological epidermoid type carcinoma, with adequate evolution in the postoperative period, presenting hematoma formation, which is resolved without subsequent complications.


Key Words: Face reconstruction, cheek reconstruction, bilobed flap.

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