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Volume 15. Issue 3. April 2024

Rotational flap for atypical melanocytic nevus. A case report.
Zamora Véliz HY. et al.
Plastic Surgery - PDF

Progressive macrodactyly. A case report.
Hernandez Mancillas M. et al.

Plastic Surgery - PDF

Importance of postoperative flap care by nursing care.
Case series
Salazar Vizuet I. et al.

Plastic Surgery - PDF

Intraperitoneal analgesia versus intravenous analgesia with local anesthetic and dexmedetomidine for postoperative pain control in bariatric surgery
Sánchez Nava RC. et al.
Anesthesiology -

Bilateral Spigelian hernia: Infrequent presentation of an unusual entity. A case report
Montufar Villa O. et al.

General Surgery - PDF

Updates in microsurgical technique for cleft palate reconstruction
Carpio Escobar DF. et al.

Plastic Surgery - PDF

Intrathoracic migration of gastric sleeve: A rare complication in weight loss surgery. A case report
Gaytán Fuentes OF. et al.
Bariatric Surgery -
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