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Iatrogenic gluteal allogenosis. A case report

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.6773573

Cajamarca Bermeo LR. et al. Iatrogenic gluteal allogenosis. A case report. Am J Med Surg. June 2022; 8(2). 9-12

A 22-year-old male patient (female transgender), with acute chemical burn necrotizing fasciitis, a history of home injection of liquid petroleum jelly in the buttocks 4 months ago, was admitted for evaluation and treatment. A multidisciplinary treatment was carried out between the plastic surgery, infectology, imaging and psychiatry services. Four surgical cleanings were performed for debridement of necrotic tissue, as well as the use of VAC® therapy, in addition to the use of systemic antibiotics.

Follow- up was performed, complete wound closure was achieved at 36 days with an acceptable aesthetic result, without presenting complications. 



Iatrogenic allogenosis; modeling disease.

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