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Huntington's Disease: literature review and update of treatments


Sotelo Serna RD. et al. Huntington's Disease: literature review and update of treatments. Am J Med Surg. March 2022; 7(2). 29-39

BACKGROUND: Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder caused by a repeat expansion of CAG trinucleotides
in the huntingtin gene (HTT) on chromosome 4. It is characterized by motor, cognitive and psychiatric manifestations that severely affect the patient's quality of life.
Its evolution is insidious and structural and functional brain changes are present several years before presenting clinical features. Treatment is currently symptomatic,
as there are no disease-modifying treatments. The objective of this review is to present a wide investigation of this disease and the emerging techniques that have shown encouraging results in different studies.


KEY WORDS: Huntington's disease

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