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Cocaine use and intestinal perforation. A case report.

DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/6Q7Z3

Medina Benítez A, López Juárez SE, Martínez Pérez L, Chávez Coss R, Loe Hernández AI, Durán Reyes R, Trejo García MS. Cocaine use and intestinal perforation. A case report. Am J Med Surg. February 2022; 7(1). 1-4

BACKGROUND: Cocaine is the second most consumed illegal drug in Mexico, it has multiple effects on the organism, one of them is mesenteric ischemia that can originate intestinal perforation.

Clinical case: We present the case of a young patient who underwent exploratory laparotomy with the finding of ileum perforation, associated with a history of cocaine consumption 12 hours prior to the onset of symptoms.

Conclusion: In a case of mesenteric ischemia without evident cause and without risk factors in a young patient, cocaine use should be considered as a differential diagnosis.


KEY WORDS: Intestinal perforation, cocaine, mesenteric ischemia.

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