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Latero-lateral anastomosis for the treatment of a complicated Meckel’s diverticulum: A case report.



Perzabal-Avilez CT, Lopez-Jaime CA, Soto Posada AK, Acosta Garcia AG. Latero-lateral anastomosis for the treatment of a complicated Meckel’s diverticulum: A case report. Am J Med Surg. 2021. 4 (1). 1-5.

Abstract: Meckel’s diverticulum (MD) is the most common congenital abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract, which results from an incomplete vitelline canal. The MD was reported in 0.3% to 2.9% of the general population, with a male/female gender ratio of 1.5: to 4:1.

This is a 31-year-old male with abdominal pain in the mesogastrium which radiates to the right iliac fossa, intense, without nausea, vomiting or fever. An abdominal ultrasound is performed 3 days later shows a plastron in the right iliac fossa without being able to rule out acute appendicitis, and standing and decubitus abdominal radiography with air fluid level in the right iliac fossa. Under regional anesthesia a 5 cm rocky Davis incision is made to the right, the appendix is ​​identified without inflammation data, per protocol the last 90 cm of the terminal ileum is reviewed, finding Meckel diverticulitis at 30 cm, for which a laterolateral anastomosis is performed in 2 planes with vycril and silk.

The MD may consist entirely of intestinal mucosa, but often has ectopic mucosa. As the majority of diverticula maintain a silent course, diagnosis is often made incidentally during imaging studies or unrelated laparotomy or laparoscopy procedures, or when complications result from the diverticulum. The treatments for symptomatic Meckel’s resection either by laparoscopically or open surgery, with or without a wedge or segment of the adjacent intestine. The morbidity associated with Meckel’s diverticulum is due to complications including hemorrhage, perforation, volvulus intussusception, enterolith formation, intestinal obstruction, and neoplasm development.



Ectopic tissue, Meckel’s diverticulum, surgery, complications

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