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Two-Stage neoumbilicoplasty. A new surgical technique

DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/TE2ZV

Naranjo-Hernández JD, Naranjo-Méndez G, Torres-Salazar QL. Two-Stage neoumbilicoplasty. A new surgical technique. Am J Med Surg. 2021. 5(2). 5-9.

BACKGROUND. An aesthetic umbilicus has been found to be essential in the appearance of the abdomen. This helps define the midline abdominal groove and adds to a well-formed abdominal curvature. OBJECTIVE: The goal of an aesthetically pleasing umbilicoplasty is to create a neoumbilicus with sufficient depth and convenient morphology, with a natural-looking top layer and minimal scarring. MATERIALS AND METODS: A two-stage surgical technique is proposed, the first for the placement of a conformer that will later form the new umbilicus and a second time to remove the conformer, reducing the possibility of complications. DISCUSION AND CONCLUSION: However, despite there exists currently several techniques described, a better perfusion of the tissues should be sought to reduce the possibility of necrosis. Here the proposal is a neoumbilicoplasty technique in two phases, which provides greater irrigation capacity, in addition to demonstrating better aesthetic results, even in its congenital absence.


Keywords: Umbilical reconstruction, Umbiliconeoplasty, Neo-omphaloplasty, Neoumbilicoplasty

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