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Mature cystic ovarian teratoma. A case report.

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.6540672

Méndez Ochoa AA et al. Mature cystic ovarian teratoma. A case report. Am J Med Surg. May 2022; 8(1). 11-17

Introduction: The teratoma (from the Greek teras, meaning monster and onkoma meaning swelling) is a tumour characterized by multiple tissue types derived from all three primitive germ layers (endo- meso- and ectoderm), such as hair, teeth, bone, rudiments of thyroid gland, etc.

Case Report: We present the case of a young patient 6 years of evolution with chronic constipation, diagnosed and treated as chronic colitis, with subsequent development of increased volume and abdominal pain. USG and CT revealed data compatible with teratoma, requiring surgical management.

Conclusion: Teratomas are slow-growing benign lesions, they are usually asymptomatic until they reach large dimensions, causing compressive symptoms, requiring surgical management


Keywords: Ovarian teratoma, Mature cystic teratomas, Rokitansky's node

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