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Situs inversus totalis. A case report


Pineda Tapia IP, Gonzalez Covarrubias A, Bautista Martínez LR. Situs inversus totalis. A case report. Am J Med Surg. 2021; 5(3). 5-7


Situs inversus totalis (SIT) is a rare hereditary congenital malformation. It consists of a transposition of thoracic and abdominal organs, which complicates the diagnosis and management of an acute abdomen.

We present the case of a 47 year old male referred to the emergency department after a traffic accident on the public road, on admission he complains of abdominal pain in the left upper quadrant, physical examination shows hematoma in the anterior abdomen, FAST (focused abdominal sonography for trauma) in shock room negative, however continues with abdominal pain located in the left upper quadrant, computed tomography of the abdomen and chest, reports left hemothorax, as a finding SIT and cholelithiasis. Pleural probe was placed in the shock room, favorable evolution after its removal, at his discharge he was referred to general surgery for elective cholecystectomy.


Key Words: Situs inversus.

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