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Donald F. Severin M.D.



It is my great pleasure to be asked to write the foreword for this excellent new medicine and surgery journal that represents the collaborative efforts of different specialists on this subject. Obtaining the best outcomes for our patients requires a detailed and thorough comprehension of  medical and surgical evaluation techniques, and the varied surgical procedures we perform. There is no better way to assure precision and expertise in these areas than combining the education and experience of all the specialties. The editors of this project have thus created a comprehensive and contemporary reference and shown the foresight to engage the core specialties to attain their goals. Dr Waller introduced and guided me toward a career in Internal medicine. Since entering practice in 1988, I have occasionally witnessed the barriers present between thecore specialties and the negative effects those conflicts created for the advancement of patient care, education, and safety. This inaugural issue is one of many positive outcomes that continue to evolve from the collaborative efforts of our physicians and surgeons. My thanks to the decision-makers who pushed this project forward and my congratulations to the outstanding editors and the forecoming authors that will enrich this experience.



Chief editor


Donald F. Severin M.D.

Internal Medicine

823 Jerry Dove Drive
Florence, SC 29501

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