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Volume 14. Issue 2. December 2023

Bilateral Cavernosal-saphenous Shunt in Management of Persistent Prolonged Priapism (Grayhack procedure). A case report
Rodriguez Madrid TC. e
t al.
Urologic Surgery -

Hepatitis E Virus with an autoimmune behavior.
A case report
Leon Islas LE. et al.
Internal Medicine - PDF

Pollicization of the index finger, a feasible surgical technique for reconstruction in thumb agenesis in non-specialized units. A case report.
Flota Piña AJ. et al.
Plastic Surgery -

A rare complication of submental liposuction. A case report.
Herrera R. et al.
Plastic Surgery - PDF

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Etiology, diagnosis and management.
Velasco Cabrera JA. et al.
Plastic Surgery - PDF

Post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. A case report.
Medellin RJ. et al.

General Surgery - PDF

Anterior based longitudinal dorsal lingual flap in the repair of palatal fistula. A case report.
Loreto Miranda JG. et al.

Maxillofacial Surgery - PDF

Tropical infections in a hospital in Mexico City: Diagnostic challenge in not endemic areas.
Gómez Muñoz C. et al.
Epidemiology -

Electrospinning of biodegradable nanofibers as a potential therapeutic alternative in peripheral nerve injuries.
Hernández E. et al.
Plastic Surgery -

Left adrenal leiomyosarcoma recurrent to liver.
A case report.
Chávez Magallón R. et al.
General Surgery -
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